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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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to score a deal. only from the news 4 iteam, guards protecting us from dangerous criminals behind bars. but is a staffing shortage putting them at risk? the iteam found that nearly two dozen federal prisons in our region have 500 fewer correctional staffers, including officers, that they are authorized to have and that is causing concerns for upreps. >> a skeletal roster. >> means you have not enough guards. >> >> exactly. >> union reps say attacks against guards are on the rise in our region. we start this hour with breaking news. we're finding out just a little bit more about a police chase in montgomery county. we do have video in from overnight showing police officers there, a lot of
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flashing lights. and a car crashed into a pole. details are sketchy, but we have confirmed that a montgomery county police officer tried to make a traffic stop in the area of mid county highway and route 109 in dwaigaithersburg. the driver would not stop and the officer chased car. one person is in custody. molette green is on her way there to find out more. good morning, everybody. it is now 5:01 on hump day. wednesday is finally here. pretty good visibility still in prince george's county, but there are pockets of fog starting to form out there early this morning. it's seasonably chilly. 37 rockville, 40 falls church and newington, 32 in college park. today some areas of thick fog morning, it will be a fight to get much if anything in the way of sunshine today, but it will be anything but cold as temperatures will climb into the 50s. less than a mile visibility now in frederick, and only three
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miles in martinsburg. so today 30s now, turning to 50s but very limited amounts of sunshine. i'll let you know the impact the fog will have on your commute coming up in ten. still have this problem here in northwest, canal road shut down at foxhall because of an earlier car fire. hoping this is out of the way soon. but right now shut down. prince george's county, we are nice and green. no major problems there. top of the beltway also rolling along just fine here this morning. 66 here headed into town from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, going to take you 9 minutes as it should. same thing outbound there. remember to look at our friends to wtop 103.5 when you hop if your car. 270 north and south, no issues. a live look at 270 coming up. breaking news in france, officials have identified a third man who bombed the theater during those paris attacks. the french prime minister says suicide bomber was french and that he traveled to syria two
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years ago. officials did not give the attacker's name. reports say police searched his mother's house overnight. 130 people died in those attacks. most at the bataclan theater where there were three bombers. new developments on a prime suspect if n. those attacks. salah abdeslam called an inmate in jail the day the attacks happened. he visited the inmate who had an illegal cellphone this n. prison. the time is 5:03. developing this morning, some catholic university students are not planning on going to class out of fear of safety. this after d.c. police responded to two shelter in placed ones in the last 24 hours. you're looking at a facebook page that popped up last night with with the title not feeling safe enough to attend class. investigators responded to a report of a possible gunman on campus around 8:00 p.m. but that turned out to be not true. d.c. police did question a suspicious person, but
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investigators tell us that this is not the same person who prompted the first campus lockdown early on tuesday. classes are scheduled to resume at 11:00 this morning. some emergency testing scared the university of maryland students. prince george's county police are now apologizing over audio tests on the county's helicopter. a loud speaker announced take shelter and put your weapons down. it did include a message that said it was a test, but not everyone heard it and that prompted some 911 calls. county police say it was just a test. this morning we're hearing from the first responders to the san bernardino mass shooting. one week ago today, 14 people were gunned down at an office holiday party inside the island regional center. 300 officers responded to the emergency call. many of them say they just can't believe a terrorist attack could happen in their own city. >> himy body went numb. it was overwhelming and surreal.
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the fact that corporal had said as we're going in, this is real. immediately hit home that this is not a training drill. >> coming up, tracie potts will have more on a classified briefing lawmakers will receive about how the shooting suspects became radicalized. the time is 5:05. new details about a man found dead in alexandria. eduardo was found in a park last week and police say his stab wounds are similar to another victim who was killed a few weeks earlier in a park about a mile away. no arrests have been made in either case. today a north potomac man is facing life in prison after police say he stabbed to death a map for texting his girlfriend. he will be sentenced this rockville, convicted of killing bryan on july 4 of 2014. well, today the defense begins building its case in the trial of baltimore police officer william porter. porter faces manslaughter
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charges in the death of freddie gray, he died while this police custody back in april. sparking violent protests in the city. now, porter is expected to take the stand. prosecutors wrapped up their case yesterday by saying porter had a responsibility to put a seat belt around gray in a police van. the jury is expected to be given the case next week. customers and politicians remain divided over a proposed merger between pepco exelon. they say the deal is bad if rate payers and the environment. the company says the merger would create jobs and increase reliability. d.c. public service commission initially rejected the merger proposal, but is taking a second look after the hamayor voiced h support. in a pew hour, we'll know in your commute on i-66 will get more expensive. the vote will happen at 8:30 this morning.
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this toll would let you pay to use the lanes without a car pool. officials say that will help ease traffic while some residents think it will just cost too much. >> no, my money is not going to go there. we're not going to go down this without a fight. you cannot force people to commute and car pool. >> part of this has to be our modeling shows that it frees up not only 66, but the other 7 and other roads around there. >> you will tell be able to use the road for free if you car pool during rush hour just like now. and when rush hour is over, the tolls go away and the road returns to normal. 5:07. and there is a ribbon cutting in prince george's county happening today. county executive baker will lead the ceremony at the new district 7 police station on ft. washington road. earlier this year, tracee wilkins reported police would not have the money to staff that station until next september. based on the story, the county
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made several charges, they now say it will be up and running by next month. we continue to follow a developing story from the live desk this morning. major flooding in the pacific northwest. the latest on the situation there including several landslides when we check back in with chris tkristin wright. and the alligator being credited for stopping a burglary by killing the robber. and a bit chilly. you may want the heavy coat on your walk to the metro. chuck has what you need to know about the commuter draft coming
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5:11 on this wednesday morning. and we are waking up to possibly some fog out there. >> dark, cloudy and a bit foggy. visibility less than a mile now across some parts and weather
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service may have to issue a fog advisory here in a bit. it will stay cloudy today and risk for a sprinkle in so you were maryland. temperatures are in the 30s to near 40 now. it will be a mild enough day with temperatures eventually climbing up in to the 50s. next big change arrives thursday into friday. tom will have more about that and how it will change the way you see your weekend. bracnd new problem, a ramp closed 295 north at malcolm x. they are saying it's temporary as they pull something out of the way. canal road still shut down in northwest at foxhall. looks like a tow is pulling up on the scene. going let them in and try to get this out of the way here hopefully next 20 minutes or so. 66 west at monument drive a, disled
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disledabled vehicle on the shoulder. 95 northbound, no major problems quaupity company to the beltway going to take you 18 minutes into the city. see you in ten. today the pacific northwest is trying to get a handle on severe flooding. this is washington state where it's been raining for the past week. emergencies have been declared in parts of kalama county. we're also seeing landslides out there. one knocked on house off its foundation. bad flooding in ooregon, as wel. back to you. >> 5:13. we have breaking news in montgomery county. an early morning police chase, molette green just arrived on the scene and is learning about what happened. a live report from her straight ahead. and coming up ongoing outcry. this morning reaction continues to pour in after donald trump's proposed ban on muslims. who is sounding off next. and new information in the case of a uva student who became
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a household name after his bloody arrest. when a court will hear his multim
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. we are breaking news in montgomery county. police responded to two scenes early this morning after a police chase and a crash along mid county highway in gaithersburg. we just confirm this hed this s as a traffic stop. molette green is live piecing together what happened. >> reporter: yeah, we've followed this overnight police investigation to this street, grant chester place here in gaithersburg. we're just off victory farm drive. let me step out of the way. this is a street of single family homes. you can see a couple police cars with the crime tape and in the back there is a big crime van. this started shortly after 1:00 a.m. this morning. a montgomery county police officer we've learned attempted to make a traffic stop in the
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area of mid county highway and route 109. the driver apparently did not stop for the officer and the officer continued to go after the driver in the video, you see a light colored car with damage to the driver's side, possibly crashing if to a poll that is right beside it. we have learned that one person is in custody. there is still lots of questions to be answered. we're working to get more information from police here at the scene. but that is the latest for now live from gaithersburg. molette green, news 4. back to you. donald trump facing widespread condemn nation from his opponents and members of his own party. the republican presidential candidatenation from his opponents and members of his own party. the republican presidential candidate calling for a temporary ban from muslims entering the u.s. philadelphia's mayor compared him to hitler. top security officials say trump's comments are unconstitutional and potentially dangerous for american interests abroad. trump is not backing away from his comments.
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and hillary clinton aligned trump's suggestion with the goals of isis. >> this is both a shameless and a dangerous idea. >> and she didn't stop there. she criticized all republican candidates. she says their words about muslims target an entire religion instead of terrorists. and bernie sanders responded to trump's comments on the "tonight show." sanders says trump is a demagog and believes trump's staps h stance has no place in america. a new poll from the associated press out. 54% of americans say the u.s. takes in too many people from syria. 49% believe there is a somewhat or extremely high risk of syrians committing acts of religious or political violence once they arrive. among republicans that number jumps to 70%.
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it was 30% for democrats who responded to this particular poll. 5:19 now. people traveling to the u.s. could soon face tighter restrictions. congress passed a bill yesterday that changes the visa waiver program. the program allows people from 38 countries to travel to the u.s. without obtaining a visa. under the new bill, anyone who visited iraq or syria in the past five years would not be allowed to use the program. they would have to be interviewed and obtain a visa. last week's attacks in san bernardino prompted the proposed change and the bill got the support of both democrats and republicans in the house. some news to your health now. life expectancy in the united states has stalled to the third year in a row. anded a decision may be playing a row. new numbers show the average child born today will live to be about 78 years old. that number has not changed since 2012. experts believe suicides and fatal drug over-decemb decembed influencing the numbers.
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the u.s. ranks below nearly 40 other countries in life expectancy. the f can ta just approved a tool to help breast cancer patients keep their hair. theed a hin vags ga ad himinist group light to the cooling cap. doctors praise the decision and say managing the side effects of chemotherapy is a critical component on overall recovery. today we will find out who too ma "time" magazine's person of the year is. many say donald trump, vladimir putin and the leader of isis are frontrunners for that title. black lives matter activists and uber ceo are also in the running. the 2015 person of the year will be unveiled on the "today" show this morning. uber, who would have thought. we should have got in on that game. >> and now we're starting tsee that there are other businesses using the uber model. there is a place in d.c. that has an uber for laundry.
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to do your laundry, come pick it up, drop it off. 5:21 is our time right now. a nice cloudy start to our morning. we're really hoping for some breaks in the clouds. we want to see some sunshine today. >> no sun for you. >> coume on, chuck. >> don't plan on a lot of sunshine. you might get there breaks of it, but it won't be as pretty itity of a day as it was yesterday. looking outside live from our tower, you can tell there is a little hint of some fogginess out there. nothing too thick right in and around the metro, but there are areas of thicker fog northern hear land and shenandoah valley. it will be a fight to see much in the way of sunshine today, but even with with the clouds, anything but cold. 2 1/2 miles visibility in martinsburg, 1 1/2 miles in winchester. so relatively good visibility in and around up to. even with the fog, it will be a
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fairly low impact weather day. temperatures will rise from 30s out the door this morning, but up into the 40s by mid-morning and up near 50 by noontime. and afternoon highs today will be in the mid-50s. plenty of clouds, although i do think later this afternoon might get a sliver or two of sunshine around. here is our future weather forecast. there is the building fog deck away the i-95 corridor between now and about 10:00, 11:00 this morning. by later this afternoon, th thinning out a bit, but december sunshine is not that strong. so maybe a little break, but then clouds thicken right back up again tonight. and by early this evening, might even be a sprinkle or are two across parts of southern maryland. i mentioned the next big changes arriving thursday night into friday when the clouds break up and the sunshine returns. that will have a great impact on your weekend. for more about that, tom kierein now joining us outside in northern virginia. >> reporter: right here in reston town center with the storm team 4 x 4 where it's only
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37 degrees. don't have any fog here right now, but it is humid and cold as you step out the door. wear your puffy coat. look at the gormg ygeous holida lights here. we have a wintry crescene here speaking of winter, the storm team 4 winter weather special airing th in ing this saturday p.m. all kinds of great information about the winter ahead, our winter predictions as well as great continues on how to get through the winter coming. right how still have a problem on 295 at malcolm x. again we're talking about northbound there, the ramp shut down because of a crash. d.c. police saying it's still there. hoping it's out of the way in a little bit. canal road still shut down at foxhyall. again, this is a car fire. tow truck on the scene. but right now we are still shut down there. 270 a little slow coming out of
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frederick southbound. after that, good down to the spur. northbound also looking pretty good. 70 to 270 going to take you 30 minutes. 5:25. we continue to follow two developing stories. 19-year-old katelin akens has been missing for four days now. her fiance said she was flying to arizona to visit her new born nephew but never made to her flight. her bags are were found in a drainage ditch just outside of fredericksburg yesterday. sheriff deputies are following several leads in the mysterious death of health her ciccone. she was found dead inside of her car sunday night and her parents want justice. >> one way or the other, we'll catch them. might not be tomorrow, might not be the next day. >> she was a good girl. athletic, bubbly, did everything for everybody. >> deputies say they are digging into her personal life and have three scenarios that may explain
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why this happened. coming up in the day ahead, a north potomac man could be intensed to life in prison for murdering a man who texted his girlfriend. he stabbed brian hall 15 times last july. he was caught carrying a bag of bloody clothes after the attack. the men decided to meet after he stoo discovered his girl friend texting hall. an alligator killed a burglary suspect in central florida last month. police say he and another man were out to burglarize homes the night he was killed. police believe he tried to hide from officers in the swamp and ended up getting attacked by the gator instead. the alligator was later trapped and euthanized. today mayor emanuel will address his city's efforts to deal with deadly police shootings. this teach is two days after the feds announced they will investigate the police
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department. a video contra cdicts the officer's claims. the police have osuperintendent 1230 forced to resign. if you're away from your tv, come look at the current temperatures out there. we're off to a season pli cold start. more are on that and four things you need to know about the foreca news reporters: it's a fish, but it's been changed. genetically altered by scientists. critics call the process creepy, and label it frankenfish. narrator: genetically engineered salmon was just approved by the fda - no labels required. disturbing, right? get this. if your state wants to label gmos, congress is trying a year-end sneak attack to block your right to label. call congress. demand clear labels, not high tech gimmicks. don't let them overturn state gmo labeling.
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protect our right to know.
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avoiding a government shutdown. who is saying they won't make friday's deadline. new details in the case against bob mcdonnell. what the highest court in the country is being urged to do. we'll take a live look outside where the fog is starting to roll in. will you need the low beams by the time you leave for work? good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. you see the fog out there and the reason you want the low beams, if you put the high beams on, it just i wiilluminates eve and makes it worse. >> darkness until 7:00 this morning, and fog, a lot of folks getting out this early this morning. four things you need to know
5:31 am
about the weather, an eye out for the fog this morning. lots of clouds around today, but no real chance for rain during the daylight hours. the trend is our friend as winter promises to stay on vacation. average high now is 48. we'll be nearly ten degrees above average today and almost 20 degrees above average as we head toward saturday and sunday. outside this morning, watching out for the fog, temperatures are on the cold side in the 30s in most neighborhoods, but we'll have a nice warm-up, temperatures eventually with maybe a little bit of sunshine this afternoon getting up into the mid perhaps into the upper 50s. so it will be a fairly cloudy stretch here, but the weekend, that forecast coming up, amazing. >> and i'm looking ahead to it. >> this is your first day back and already looking for the weekend. >> absolutely. always. taking a look at canal road still shut down at foxhall, we just pushed this one out here on the nbc washington app. so you want to done load that. 295 north at malcolm x, still have the ramp shut down because
5:32 am
of that crash. 66 west at monument drive, that problem has rust gotten out of the way. we're okay on 66, slow spot through woodbridge. still going 42 miles per hour. travel times in ten minutes. the san bernardino shooters may have been planning the attack for more than two years. this comes as lawmakers prepare for a classified briefing on how the couple became radicalized. let's get to tracie potts on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: good morning. three things you need to know. first of all, all of the intelligence agencies are giving a classified briefing here on capitol hill tomorrow afternoon. as part of that, they're going to reveal what they're learning so far about the investigation, including the fact that the shooters may have planned it for up to a year or more. and they have talked about it as early as three years ago according to what the fbi is learning.
5:33 am
local gun range there, apparently they had been practicing there for a year. they have also made a $28,000 deposit recently into their account before this happened, authorities think it was and online loan that they deposited to take care of the grandmother and six month old child. finally a billing is sponsored that would require tech companies to report when they get word that someone is trying to be radicalized online. any sort of online terrorist activity. that is moving through congress as we speak. 5:33, new speaker of the house is taking action to avoid a government shutdown. paul ryan says congress will miss the friday deadline. he says they don't have enough time to finish a spending bill but will pass a short term funding measure. today you have the chance to hear about a high speed rail project between d.c. and rich mopped. the "washington post" reports that the plan is to cut down the travel time between the two cities from the current 2:45 to
5:34 am
just 90 minutes. three public meetings are scheduled this week including one tonight at 5:00 in springfield. if you drive over the american legion bridge, you know how congested that is. about 3300,000 vehicles use the bridge every day and governor mcauliffe recently ordered a study to find out if building a new crossing would ease the problem. in the past maryland state officials haven't supported that idea of building a new bridge. but they now say that they're open to the idea. the nationals new manager is weighing in about pitcher jo jonathan papelbon. here's what baker said. >> how am i going to foresee a distraction in advance? you know, i got to wait until i get there. i don't even know papelbon. right now papelbon is my closer. >> you can't forget when that happened. papelbon jumping -- jumped on
5:35 am
bryce harper in the dugout and went for his throat. the nats suspended papelbon for four games. earlier this week, he filed a grievance over his lost pay. the nats owe papelbon $11 million this coming year. 5:35. alexandria city council wants more money for elected officials. it's voting this weekend on pay raises. on the table is a proposal to raise pay by $17,500. and they could vote to raise the mayor's salary from just over $30,000 to $50,000. council members noted that their elected officials are paid less than those in other regions like neighboring arlington county. the vote is on saturday and would take effect in january. a trial date has been set for the multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the virginia department of alcoholic beverage control. university of virginia student marquise johnson is suing over his controversial arrest. you remember this cellphone video of a.b.c. agents tackling johnson last march. he wants $3 million in damages for excessive force and training
5:36 am
failures. the trial will begin in october of 2016. some local children have new bikes morning and they will be riding in memory of a local boy who helped make it happen. 11-year-old colby smith died in october when he crashed his dirt bike. to honor his memory, his family wanted to collect donations for 25 bikes for kids who didn't have one. contributions brought in enough money for 50 bikes. >> my son was a very giving child, he always was trying to give back to the community. give his toys and bikes away. so we started this foundation in order to give back to the community and continue his legacy. a the first giveaway was yesterday at nokesville elementary school. the family is planning another fundraiser for bikes leading up to colby's birthday next may. we're monitoring a violent situation happening right now at an airport in afghanistan.
5:37 am
taliban fighters attacked the kandahar airport yesterday and it is still not over. nato countries including the u.s. use that airport. we learned this morning at least 18 people have been killed, including civilians. the attackers and security forces are still fighting right now. and security at the airport has been increased. this all comes as middle eastern leaders are meeting to discuss the conflict in afghanistan. back to you. 5:37 now. let's take another live look outside. the fog sitting over the district. it's really rolling in. will the fog be an issue by the time the kids leave for the bus stop? chuck will let us know in the next weather and traffic on the 1s. and we have a warning to anyone who has recently used an atm in fairfax county. where police found a skimming device. >> and how
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welcome back. this man could be stealing money from you. security video shows him putting a skimming device on an atm in lorton early last month. it's the same man suspected of placing a skimmer in leesburg. crooks are targeting atms and gas pumps which haven't
5:41 am
transitioned to the chip technology yet. we have have the scores from maryland's new standardized tests. a 4 or 5 is considered on track for college or career. in prince george's county, a quarter of elementary and middle school students received those scores in tenglish language exa. 15% scored it on math. in montgomery county, 46% met or exceeded expectations on the english part and 36% achieved those scores in math. there were big achievement gaps between white, black and hispanic students in both school districts. 5:41 now on this wednesday morning. time to wake up. and as you head out the door, some fog is out this. >> you'll want to keep an eye out for it, right, check? >> absolutely right. a great picture came to me on twitter. rolling valley elementary school
5:42 am
yesterday, they said this is what an a-plus day looked like for recess yesterday. ta today unfortunately, clouds limit the grade down to just a b. temperatures will be near 50, but at least it won't be raining. thick fog this morning. thickest across northern maryland and out into the shenandoah valley, only a quarter mile visibility in lore ray. "7-day forecast" in just ten minutes from now. in northwest, canal road at foxhall, we have just reopened here. so you don't have to worry anymore. it was shut down for about an hour here this morning. 295 north at malcolm x, ramp shut down because of a crash there. 70 east before 270, a brand new accident, carve of t off of the roadway. may see a response there. 66 inbound is on time, 95 north also looking good. germantown to the the belt way looking good and 95 to 270 rolling along nicely.
5:43 am
first general manager, now a different chief officer. the position metro is looking to fill to keep you safe. oreos and water? how those two things could help the fbi crack the case of a serial robber. the centers for medicare and medicaid
5:44 am
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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5:46 am
breaking news. what started as a traffic stop ended with a police chase and crash in gaithersburg. know l molette green has learned new information and we'll hear from her at the top of the hour. now at 5:45, keeping you safe. i'm adam tutuss. >> and i'm angie goff. the job metro is looking to fill. and protesting pepco, why several lawmakers are urging ge against a possible merger. outside this morning, we can still see the downtown monuments, but thick fog across parts of the shenandoah valley.
5:47 am
we'll let you know how long it will last and how your weekend is looking. and canal road at foxhall finally open. 295 north at malcolm x still have a closure there on the ramp because of an earlier crash. a developing story this morning, we're following two afghan national flight team members are missing in the united states. students have been training to fly with a fighter squadron at moody air force base in georgia. officials say they don't pose any threat. several federal agencies are now work together to find the men who didn't return to work on monday. frederick county sheriff's department says 43-year-old diana mire died in the hospital after being injured a n. a fire. she's the second victim killed in that building. a third victim is in the hospital. police say this man right here is responsible for eight robberies over three weeks from richmond to d.c. the man left behind some key evidence for the fbi.
5:48 am
he left behind a bottle of water and packet of oreo cookies. the serial robber targets gas stations including an exxon station on connecticut avenue. news 4 spoke with the owner of that gas station. >> bold. very aggressive. and he went around in the store enough and for long to find the right moment to steal from us and from employees. >> surveillance video shows that the robber also wears a souvenir cap from the jim mckay million dollar horse race at laurel. happening today, members of the naacp will rally at the supreme court who are hearing the case of abigail fisher who says she was denied to the university of texas austin because she is white. the university says she was denied because she fell outside the top 10% of her class. the ruling could have a big impact on the college admissions
5:49 am
process. the time is 5:48. also at the supreme court, federal authorities are urging the justices not to overturn former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's construction conviction. they argue the evidence amply assumed the jury's verdict. the jury convicted mcdonnell and his wife of accepting gifts in exchange for promoting a dietary supplement company. a judge sentenced him to two years in prison. >> metro is looking for another leader to join its ranks. the agency gm settled in last week and now metro has started a search for a chief safety office. they will strategize the day to day system. maryland highway officials are moving forward with a major construction project planned in greenbelt. and they want to hear from you about it. there is a meeting to discuss the design plans for a rebuilt interchange between the capital beltway and the greenbelt metro station. the meeting begins at 7:00
5:50 am
tonight. only from the news 4 iteam, bars protecting us from dangerous criminals, but is the staffing shortage at federal prisons putting them at risk? union reps say attacks are on the rise in our region. >> skeletal roster. >> which means you have too many inmates and not enough guards. >> sdaexactly. >> nearly two dozen have 500 fewer correctional staffers including officers than they are authorized to have. to watch the full story, just open up the nbc washington app and tap investigations. under staffed or overpowered? we're getting a look at new video this morning of chicago police tasing a man who died in their custody. want to warn you that this video is a pit hard to watch. police arrested phillip coleman three years ago if allegedly beating his mother. the surveillance video shows officers go into his jail cell,
5:51 am
pull the mattress out from under him and what looks like wrap a sheet around his head. they use a taser on him. and they drag him down the hall. now police say they had to use force because coleman became combative. coleman's father is a former police chief in chicago suburbs. >> somebody in this city needs to be responsible for killing my son. and the chicago police are at the head of this table. they broke every rule in the book. >> coleman died at the hospital could you to a lethal reaction to an antipsychotic drug. but an autopsy shows he also had more than 50 bruises and abrasions on his body. coleman's father says his son was having a mental break down pd a just needed help. right now it's 5:51 and beijing is under red alert. thick dense fog blanketed the region sparking their first red alert. schools were closed and many factories were shut down.
5:52 am
pollution levels have rich dramatically in recent years despite the government's promise to clean up pollution. china is the world's top consumer of coal. the time is 5:52. and that means time about for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> just a minute late. absolutely. let's take another look at that video from china, as well. because we're trying to compare to the fog here. it's not really an accurate comparison, but we are seeing a bit of fog out there this morning. which you can is tracking the forecast for us. good morning. yeah, thankfully our air pollution here even on our worst days is not anywhere near as bad as it is on a daily basis there in beijing. for us this morning, a lot of clouds outside. fog starting to thicken up a bit. downtown d.c. a bit of a fog layer starting to form. 1 1/2 mile visibility in
5:53 am
frederick. slight redrikuctions around the metro area. what to expect for today, a lot of clouds around. locally thick fog this morning. we'll be fighting to get anything in the way of sunshine today. but even though we're fighting for sunshine, anything but cold. fog may slow down your commute a little bit this morning. green lights and low impact this afternoon and this evening. 30 in manassas. 40 downtown. what to wear today, kids need a little jacket on the way out the door, but sweaters and jeans all you'll need later this afternoon. temperatures should make it into the 50s. high resolution computer model still building the fog in between now and about lunchtime today. and then the fog thins out just a smidgeon, but just as the fog starts to thin out, sun goes down and clouds reform and there may be a risk of a sprinkle or two across southern maryland after about 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. most of the day will be spent with temperatures in the 50s and again there is a little chance of rain down across southern maryland here this evening. what about the next seven days?
5:54 am
it all looks like springtime has come to washington. 50s today and then into the 60s we go, not just barely 60, but how about 69 degrees and sunshine on your saturday. next best collapse fchance for monday. here is melissa with new trouble. new problem here just popped up. northbound i said i can't head highway at berry road. a crash here. you can see some of the slowdown northbound on 210. 270, you can see headed through bucky town down to 109 in hyatts town, we're a little slow. that's pretty norm are al. 270 to the spur, it will take you 36 minutes right now. we'll have much more coming up at 6:01. new details this morning about a man found dead in alexandria. he was found in four mile run
5:55 am
park last week. police now say his stab wounds are similar to another victim who was killed a few weeks earlier in a park about a mile away. no arrests have been made in either case. in news 4 your health, a forum happening today about ending obesity. several organizations will talk about things everyone can do to lead a healthy active life. the forum is free at 9:00 at the agricultural history farm park. this is a story that you are only going to see right here on news 4. a northern virginia community is concerned about a agreeing heroin epidemic. a group came together last night to watch a powerful documentary about that epidemic in the commonwealth. winchester residents were shocked to learn some of the victims are newborns, babies who are exposed to heroin in the womb experience withdrawals. >> trying to help connect with the moms as early in pregnancy as possible. >> the a larms were first
5:56 am
sounded several years ago by win chess ear police chief on these tiny victims and now a community summit is leading a creation of a drug treatment that they hope some day to have a comprehensive recovery center. good morning. i'm landon downdy. many americans are struggling to keep up with sky rot krocketing spending more than 30% and in some cases half of their income on housing costs. rents have rich more than 3% a year of a testiafter accounting inflation. there i'm pllandon downdy. new accusations for a secret service officer. lee rob perth moore was arresting in a sexting sting
5:57 am
last month. now prosecutors say moore obstructed justice by destroying digital evidence that could link him to a crime. he's in jail until his trial. customers and politicians remain divided over a proposed merger between pepco exelon. last night protesters handed out flyers opposing the merger during a town hall meeting in the howard theater. they say the deal is bad for rate payers apt environment. the company says the merger would create jobs and increase reliability. d.c. public service commission initially rejected the merger proposal but is taking a second look after mayor bowser voiced her support. breaking news that we're watching in montgomery county right now, where police are investigating a traffic stop that led to a chase in gaithersburg overnight. we're learning at least one officer had to go to the hospital. molette green tracking developments from the scene coming up. and we're also watching a developing story out of catholic
5:58 am
university after another incident forces students to shelter in place. the precautions some
5:59 am
a traffic stop, chase and then a crash. montgomery county police are piecing together how it all happened this morning in gaithersburg. >> at least two scenes police
6:00 am
processed and we've learned there was a shooting involved in all of this. let's get straight to molette green. >> reporter: good morning. there are a lot of new details that i just learned here at the scene. we've learned that one officer was injured, taken to a hospital and also the suspect, a man we've learned who was about 30 years old is also at the hospital. montgomery county police just confirmed to me saying take both the officer and suspect injuries are not very serious. here's what i also found out about what happened here. a forensics team is still on the scene. we've learned that there is some damage to a house in a cul de sac here on grant chester place just off valley farm drive. that happened after the officer attempted to pull over a dui suspect in his car. now, the driver pulled into the driveway here on this street and then backed out, there were lots of other officers here at that time. and when the driver tried to back out, policll


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